Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Disclaimer: The information below is a basic explanation of Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions and is not legal advice.  Each immigration case is different based on a person’s individual immigration, family, and criminal history.

Whether a person currently has legal status, or is seeking to gain legal immigration status, a conviction for a criminal offense can jeopardize a person’s future in the United States.

U.S. immigration laws have a wide variety of criminal offenses that are considered immigration violations.  Whether or not a persons’ past or future criminal conviction will constitute an immigration violation depends on a number of different variables including:

  • The current status that a person holds;
  • The type of status/relief that person will be seeking;
  • The type of offense the person has been charged with or convicted of;
  • The classification of the conviction offense (for example: petty offense, misdemeanor, or felony).

If any person has an adult or juvenile criminal history, it is very important that this history is analyzed for consequences it may have on his/her immigration situation.  Additionally, if a person has a current criminal case pending an experienced immigration attorney may be able to recommend an alternative plea to avoid negative immigration consequences.

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